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愛野 美奈子
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愛野 美奈子 (Aino Minako)

Warning for slight Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Spoilers~

Minako is a famous Jpop singer and idol. Her passion is singing, and her songs inspire many people across Japan.

She doesn’t like to mention her illness (unnamed in the series). She suffers terrible migraines, often to the point of collapsing, and visits the hospital for treatment frequently. Doctors have only given her six months to live. There is corrective surgery available, but the chances of success are very low and if it failed would kill her instantly.

She is very serious and determined. She can be seen as cold even, but she is only trying to avoid personal relationships to avoid any sadness over her inevitable death.

She has chosen to avoid the surgery and use her remaining time to fulfill her duties as Sailor Venus...

Sailor Venus

In her past life Minako was Sailor Venus, a senshi who protected Princess Serenity. Her memories of her past life are very strong, and as such she feels duty bound to disregard her own life and focus on the mission at the expense of her health.

This is an RP journal for the character Aino Minako / Sailor V / Sailor Venus of the Jdrama Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon for the community dramadramaduck.