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RL - Hospital - Minako and Dark Mercury

Thanking Tifa once again, Minako made her way to the front entrance of the hospital. There were a few people milling around, but she couldn't see Mercury. Chances are the other girl would be in her normal form anyway, and Minako was having a hard time remembering what any of the senshi looked like normally.

Sighing, Minako removed her hat and glasses, hoping that her opponent was simply in hiding and waiting for her.

RL - Hospital - Tifa and Minako

Minako closed the lid of her laptop and, keeping an eye on her hospital room door, quickly found the clothes she had been wearing the day she had been admitted and changed into them. She pulled the IV from her arm and let it rest on the bed, grabbing her mobile phone and then sitting down again waiting for Tifa.

There was only a few minutes before her manager would return; she'd convinced him to go and get a coffee from the cafeteria, so time was going to be a factor in this escape. She'd given Tifa directions to the hospital, and her room number, so hopefully getting here wouldn't be too much of a problem...though there were a few security guards wandering around the corridors Minako trusted Tifa would be able to get past them. They could fight them on the way out, if needed.


[RL - Minako and Akabane - Fight]

Minako slipped from her hotel room, leaving Artemis dozing on her pillow. She left her mobile phone on her bedside table; the last thing she needed was to be called by Usagi or Rei and be interrupted at a crucial point. Akabane seemed strong and a slip of her concentration could end up costing her life before she even got a chance to strike.

She made it to the park as darkness was setting in, a light wind jostled the swings and gave an ominous creaking sound. Minako kept her eyes flickering around ready to detect any signs of movement.


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